Supply Chain

Supply Chain


Supply chain

Resolute is committed to the ethical and responsible management of its supply chain to avoid adverse environmental, social, governance impacts. We work collaboratively with our suppliers to ensure their alignment with Company standards and to build capacity where required.

Resolute prioritises sourcing goods and services from national suppliers and, where possible, directly from host communities.

Locally, we actively work with local suppliers to enhance opportunities for their participation in the mine supply chain. Mako hosts three procurement committees at internal, communal and regional level. These committees meet monthly or quarterly to strengthen communication with local suppliers, identify procurement opportunities and implement measures to overcome obstacles for local suppliers.

At Syama, procurement needs are discussed during the monthly multi-stakeholder forums and the community team meet regularly with local stakeholders to identify procurement opportunities.

Resolute purchases the vast majority of its goods and services from nationally registered companies or foreign companies with registered operations in host countries. Additionally, we engage with our site-based contractors to identify further local procurement opportunities.

Supply Chain Policy Supplier Code of Conduct

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