The principle of sustainability has always underpinned the way we do business at Resolute. Our community partnerships, environmental stewardship, balance sheet strength and key strategic decisions are all based on the principles of sustainable development. Effectively managing sustainability directly impacts our reputation and our ability to create value for all stakeholders.
Resolute is proud of the contributions it makes to the economies of our host countries. We have been operating in Africa for more than 20 years and over this time have made economic contributions in of c.US$2 billion. Our license to operate carries a responsibility to contribute to local and national development and to ensure that we create a positive economic, social and environmental legacy.

The core business of our operations creates jobs, purchases goods and services from local providers and builds infrastructure, enabling us to make a significant and long-term contribution to our host economies in three ways:
Value creation supply chain covering the direct contribution of our exploration projects and operating assets;
Payments of taxes, license and approval fees, and royalties; and
Local community and environment programs.

John Welborn
Managing Director & CEO

Below are a list of our policies

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