Health, Safety & Security

Health, Safety & Security

Health, Safety & Security

Resolute understands the inherent risks associated with its business activities and is committed to protecting the health, safety and security of its people, contractors, communities and stakeholders, by striving for zero harm, via the establishment of robust safe systems of work and effective leadership capability at all levels of the organisation.

We consider the health, safety and security of our employees as our first priority and a key component of our Group Sustainability Strategy. In doing so, we are committed to:

  • Effectively control and mitigate all occupational health exposures with a focus on continual improvement
  • Foster a safety focused organisational culture dedicated to continual improvement and effective critical hazards management
  • Responsibly protect our people, assets and operations

Considerable work has been undertaken to embed Resolute’s Health, Safety and Security Management System and to standardise practices across the operations. This work is ongoing and will enable ISO:45001 certification in 2022.

Health, Safety & Security


Resolute continues to improve the health and wellbeing of its workforce, with the refinement of several existing initiatives, including:

  • Occupational health assessments and surveillance
  • Occupational hygiene monitoring and reporting
    Infectious disease management
  • Primary, occupational and emergency medical capability strengthened at each asset
  • Expatriate Advanced Life-Support Paramedic at Mako
  • Injury and medical emergency evacuation protocols
  • Malaria mitigation programme.
Health, Safety & Security


Critical hazard management continues to be prioritised at the operations to ensure risks that have the potential to kill or cause serious injury are managed effectively. Critical Hazard Management Standards (CHMS) were implemented at the operations through specific targeted training.

Underpinning our safety focused culture are a set of 4 principles to guide all employees and contractors:

The global pandemic has presented an opportunity for Resolute to review and strengthen its health infrastructure and associated protocols across the Group and, in part, this includes a renewed focus on infectious disease management, health and hygiene promotion and ensuring all direct employees receive private health assistance from the Company.

Health, Safety & Security


The aim of the security function at Resolute is to ensure the Company continues to provide a safe working environment for its people to undertake activities, often in potentially challenging political and social environments. 2021 has seen the continued development of Standards to align security efforts across operations. To maintain safe operations, the security approach at Resolute is both risk based and stakeholder reliant.

Resolute is committed to aligning with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and providing regular training with both Company security personnel and local community observers on those principles.

Annual external audits of site medical infrastructures and practices occur to ensure asset level health capability remains effective and aligned to leading practice, including the WHO guidelines. Resolute monitors occupational exposures and infectious disease at its assets closely and has clinics at both sites to coordinate monitoring and response efforts.

Infectious disease mitigation has proven a challenge for site medical teams with COVID-19, malaria and typhoid present at the operations. Whilst COVID-19 remains the ongoing challenge, contracting malaria is considerably more likely. Comprehensive malaria mitigation programmes have been established at the operations to combat infection risks. Control measures include indoor residual spraying, fogging, vector source management, awareness/education, PPE, insecticide spray and other initiatives. Select programmes are extended to local communities to improve local health outcomes.

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