Community Engagement and Investment

Community Engagement and Investment

  • Community Engagement

    Resolute understands the importance of regular and transparent communication. We are committed to engaging with host communities and local stakeholders to promote public participation, develop sustainable livelihoods, build and maintain authentic partnerships. Our approach is characterised by integrity, transparency, cooperation and mutual benefit.

    We recognise community engagement as an ongoing process that plays a crucial role in maintaining broad-based support for our operations. Resolute engages with communities surrounding its mine sites through several permanent and ad hoc consultation structures established to ensure stakeholders have accurate and timely access to relevant information, and that we understand local communities’ perspectives and concerns, address feedback and complaints, and enable discussions in a culturally appropriate manner. In addition, Resolute regularly meets with local and regional government representatives.

    Stakeholder groups are identified at project stage, as part of social baseline studies, including artisanal small-scale miners. All engagement structures are underpinned by established Stakeholder Engagement Plans and frameworks. These are built on detailed mappings of stakeholder relationships and influence to reduce business risks.

    Any Artisanal small-scale miners which may operate in proximity to Resolute’s mine sites are included in relevant engagement structures.

  • Community Complaints & Grievances

    Resolute is committed to maintaining effective grievance mechanisms where complaints related to Resolute’s activities can be raised by local communities and be resolved in a timely manner.

    Resolute’s Community and Local Stakeholder Complaints and Grievance Procedure is applicable to all assets and provides a legitimate, simple, accessible, equitable, rights-compatible and culturally appropriate process for the community and local stakeholders to raise concerns about Resolute’s operations (including the impacts of economic and/or physical resettlement activities). Specifically, it affords a transparent process for escalating grievances and ensures that complaints and incidents will be addressed in a timely manner.

    All assets maintain a complaints and grievance register, and all complaints and grievances received are disclosed annually in our Sustainability Report.

    Resolute aims to avoid the physical and economic displacement of host communities and, where unavoidable, we will proceed via meaningful consultation with affected communities, a publicly available planning framework, the restoration of livelihoods and the provision of fair and timely compensation. We review Resettlement Action Plans and/or Livelihood Restoration Plans periodically.

  • Economic Contribution

    Resolute is committed to generating economic value for all stakeholders in the countries in which it operates contributing to local economies and local communities directly and indirectly. Our direct contributions include taxes, royalties, employment and local procurement. Our indirect economic impacts include our efforts to strengthen local economies by delivering initiatives that create long-term positive effects beyond the life of our mining operations.

    The direct economic benefits of our activities are primarily delivered through payments provided to the governments in the regions where we operate, direct employment (wages and benefits), and procurement of goods and services.

  • Local, Regional and National Employment

    Our mines at Mako and Syama are located within rural areas where literacy and education levels are traditionally low. To maximise local employment opportunities for local communities, Resolute, as part of its local employment strategy, reserves all entry level and semi-skilled roles for local and regional employees.

    Additionally, our operations run apprenticeship and traineeship programmes every year to support the development of young people from local communities and provide them with opportunities and skills that can enable the development of livelihoods beyond mining.

  • Community Investment

    Resolute adopts a strategic approach to community investment programmes, aligning funding to local stakeholders’ needs, local and regional development priorities and national legislation. Our objective is to create shared value by aligning business objectives with the sustainable development priorities in our host communities.

    Resolute’s Community Investment Strategy ensures investment programmes are designed in a participatory manner with local stakeholders, follow a transparent process for the allocation of funds, provide monitoring and evaluation of the impact, and achieve an equitable distribution of benefits. The strategy defines four investment pillars that will be used to guide all future funding allocations:

    Resolute commits more than $2 million per annum towards community investment initiatives.

    Community Investment Strategy

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