Resolute is committed to ensuring that it manages its business in a manner which enables it to contribute to sustainable development in the local communities and host countries where it operates.

The Resolute Foundation

The Resolute Foundation will become the vehicle through which Resolute delivers sustainable development initiatives globally and, in doing so creates a legacy in the countries and communities in which it operates, transforming a non-renewable resource (gold in the ground) into economic growth, basic services, human development and environmental offsets.

To realise its ambition, the Resolute Foundation will focus its efforts where it can make a difference and is able to make use of the inherent strengths, skills and capacities of the Company, partner organisations, host governments and local people.

The Resolute Foundation will deliver significant benefits to Resolute including consistently capturing and reporting expenditure, leveraging expertise and funding from partners and enhancing its reputation as a bold, innovative and most importantly, responsible company.

Community Contributions

  • Supporting community needs and sustainable development is a Resolute priority. Resolute conducts its business activities in a manner that adds value to local communities and is committed to:
  • Regularly communicating and engaging with local communities so that its relationship with them and the support is provided aligns with the respective community’s culture and values;
  • Focusing community activities on health and well-being, water and sanitation, income generating activities and education;
  • Continuing to have direct involvement in community projects rather than just providing funding;
  • Ensuring that there are robust processes of assessment in place to identify all potential impacts its operations may have on the communities the Company works in;
  • Regularly reviewing assessment processes to ensure that all controls that are put in place are relevant and effective; and
  • Maintaining accurate records of community activities programs undertaken.

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